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Zion National Park Hotels or in our case Bunkhouses

Looking for Zion National Park Hotels?  Have you considered your own cabin for the same rate?  We have several Zion National Park Cabins available.  Some of our Cabins are brand new or still being built.  We offer great amenities and better space for your entire trip.  Why be on top of each other in the Zion National Park Hotels when you can have space?  With a kitchen or kitchenette, you can imagine the amount of money you could save cooking for your group rather than going out all the time.  Sure there are Zion National Park Hotels, but we offer an experience with local cabins.  All our cabins come with a well stocked kitchen with a full size fridge, many small appliances, WIFI, TV, Great Beds and more.  Be sure to check out the various Zion National Park Cabins as a great lodging option.


Now open, book today! - Bunkhouse Cabins at Zion's Camp and Cottages

Zion National Park Hotels

Please view our FAQ for more information on this new and exciting 

Zion National Park Lodging in nearby La Verkin City

We are only a stones throw from Zion National Park as well as a two hour drive to Bryce Canyon  National Park.  Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park are great options for your next vacation.  There are a bunch of great amenities offered in our cabins and the surrounding area.  This area of Utah is beautiful and will truly impress.  We have people come from all areas of the world.  Should you have questions you can give us a call, at (435)429-1092.  We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our cabins or the surrounding area.  Read More.

Zion National Park Hotels

Looking for a unique place to stay during your vacation?  What about a private cabin (we call them bunkhouses) with a full size fridge, kitchenette and spacious living quarters?  Enjoy your vacation with space to relax after those long hikes in Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks!  Know that everything you have with you will be untouched during your stay, as our cleaning staff only comes at the end of your stay. We have impressive kitchenettes for your cooking needs and stores nearby to pick up the food and  supplies you may not want to bring with you. Or bring them from home if you would like.  We have people from all over the world come to enjoy our National Parks. They comment that they just love the concept that we have and that it was beautifully executed.

New Concept
We are trying something new in the hospitality business. When you come to your room there is a king bed and a set of bunk beds. The king bed will be just what you expect with pillows, sheets, comforter and blanket. The bunk beds however will not be made. The linens and extra towels for those guests will be in a package in the nightstand. Since many of our guests only use the king size bed, we thought we would do this to reduce the volume of linens and towels we have to process each day.  We think this was a great idea to help conserve water, energy and time.

Another thing we do differently is the way you check in and out. When you book you will receive a unique door code. This will allow you to go straight to your bunkhouse without having to do any other paperwork or having to meet up with anyone. Same at checkout. You just pack your bags, hop in your car and go. There is nothing else to do!

Since our place is not like a big box hotel, we don't have some of the amenities of a large chain, like a pool or room service. What we do offer is a quiet peaceful place to have a barbecue, sit outside and chat, or hang your hammock to watch the stars. We have a huge grove of cottonwood trees to sit under in the evenings. We do have an outside communal kitchen area if you bring your own stove and just want to mingle. We think you will love it.

Zion National Park is only 20 minutes away and Bryce Canyon National Park is a little over two hours. Many folks use our places as a home base since you will drive the same amount to see both no matter where you stay.  Enjoy the outdoor beauty of these locations and have a wonderful cabin near Zion National Park to retreat back to.  People come from all over the world to see these breathtaking slot canyons in Utah.  This area  also offers world class mountain biking and hiking for your outdoor pleasure, not to mention all of the natural eye candy.

We offer a clean, safe and accommodating cabin to come back to relax in.  We have several cabin options for your vacation that can accommodate more or fewer guests.  Take a look at the cabin options.  Should you have any questions, give us a call (435)429-1092.  Our cabins are just minutes from a great local grocery store, a really popular coffee shop. If you need larger chain stores and shopping of all kinds, that can be found in St. George, about a 30 minute drive..
Hurricane is right next door and has some fast food places and a Walmart. This allows you to easily pick up items that you couldn't bring on the plane.  We offer a well stocked kitchenette that saves our guest on having to dine out every time and a nice place to make up your daily picnic for your day of hiking in the canyons. We even have a cooler that you can use for your lunches. I don't think the pricey hotels in Springdale even have that.