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Descriptions of the different types of vacation home rentals we offer here at Zion's Camp and Cottages:


Need Zion National Park Lodging? Looking for Zion National Park lodging then look no further. Our Zion National Park Cabins are just the fit with amazing attention to detail and a short drive the park. Offering outstanding views and accommodations our cabins are the best Zion National Park Lodging choice. Dont stay in a Hotel room, save some money with the kitchens we provide a full-size fridge and Microwave. Packing for your day of hiking couldnt be easier. We have fully stocked kitchens awaiting you when you return from a long day of hiking. We know you have many choices in Zion National Park Lodging, this is why we offer exclusive cabins for your Zion National Park Lodging. Our cabins are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of guest group sizes. We have nice lawns and trees around the cabins for a more natural feel than that of a parking lot of a hotel. And, its perfectly quiet and away from the highway. Read More Cabins at Zion National Park Cabins at Zionnational park or accommodating like a hotel room but offer more space and a full kitchen. Prepare for your day of hiking with a nice homemade breakfast and a packed picnic. We have guests from all over the world come to ourCabins at Zion National Park to enjoy being in nature. Fly into Las Vegas and drive over to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park for a wonderful outdoors experience. Our cabins are very accommodating to all people and you have a bit more privacy than that of a hotel. Plus they are the amounta Cottonwood Grove, to add to nature. Bring a lawn chair and sit out under the stars and take in all this beautifulplace has to offer. Read More. Our Bunkcabins are basically two motel rooms housed in one building. There are 12 buildings with two units each for a total of 24 units. They differ from motels in that there are beds, but no bedding, towels or linens. We have done this to keep costs down. We envision people to use those who have come to Zion with the idea of camping but find that there is no space in the campgrounds. If you are driving to Zion and can fit your sleeping bag and pillow in your car, look no further. We are also looking for families with up to eight people who can rent two adjoining rooms and feel like they have their own space. On an even grander scale, we are looking for folks looking to have a family reunion at an affordable rate. Zion National Park Area Rental We offer comfortable bunk houses for families. These have basically one large room where there are a set of bunk beds and one large bed and house 4 people comfortably. These have cabins would make great family reunion getaways where families could come together but still maintain a sense of personal space. See Below at all the options we currently have available and what is in the future. All the bunkhouses have a full bathroom as well. Their layouts are in the descriptions below. These are no pets, however, we do have pet-friendly cabins and options for our furry friends.


Hotels in Zion National Park vs Cottage Rental Looking atHotels in Zion National Park? We dont have hotels in Zion National Park, however, we do offernearby cabins for the same price you would pay for a hotel, sometimes less. Our cottages are top of the line, looking at giving you more privacy and closer to nature than that of a hotel room. These cottage options to hotels in Zion National Park offer much more space with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. These cabins have the linens provided for you if this is an option you prefer. And, you will have laundry facilities as well. We have a full kitchen in these rooms. So, cook to your hearts content and save on meals and dining out. There is even a toaster in every cabin! So, why not give Cabins in Zion National Park a try? Read More Sit outside your cabin and enjoy the mountain breezes. There is a front covered porch and a porch in the back complete with a grill for grilling and enjoying the outdoors. You wont find that in the Hotels in Zion National park. The outdoor space is just as beautiful as the inside of our AC Cooled cabins. We think you will come to love this place and come back to see us again. Each room is equipped with a single day bed and a King size bed, so there is plenty of sleeping space. These cabins are great for larger families or the people that like a little more privacy, with each bedroom offering its own bathroom we think you cant go wrong. Read More. Hotels Near Zion National Park Hotels near Zion national park are your typical hotel room with very little outside accommodations. Thats when we decided that this area needed something more. Something that the people that enjoy the outdoors would want. Hotels near Zion National Park are not as inviting and dont offer the kind of space our cabins at Zion National Park do. We like these options as the folks that typically visit our area tend to be the outdoors types. So, grab a lawn chair and take a seat. Enjoy the beauty you have all around you. This area is full of amazing Mother Nature at its finest and we think youll agree. Take in the breathtaking views of the mountains and enjoy the blue skies of being apart of nature. Remember when visiting such an amazing place to keep it this way for years to come. We believe in this as well. So, we use solar power for some of our properties and heat pump. All of them are well insulated and build with 4 x 6 Construction. This all helps keep our utilities and prices down but also helps the environment, preserving it for years to come. Come stay in Cabins Near Zion National Park. Zion National Park Zion National park is our main attraction in this area, however, we also offer Bryce Cannon as well as ski resorts and shopping. There is something to do here in Utah for everyone. Things like the Peek a boo hiking trail can offer unbelievable sights to the city dwellers from afar. The nice bright sky in the evening tends to be quite an attraction as well. Come see all that Utah has to offer! Book online 24/7!


Hotels for Zion National Park Vs Vacation Rentals Looking forHotels for Zion National Park Vs Vacation Rentals? There are several hotels for Zion National park. However, if you are looking to stay an extended stay, a vacation rental might be more cost effective and more enjoyable. Each of our Zion National Park Vacation Rentals varies with the accommodations. So be sure to read the listings well and take notes. We also offer cabins and bunkhouses as opposed to hotels for Zion National Park and these are about the same price as a hotel. All of our properties have at least a kitchenette for use, which saves the average traveler from eating out at every meal. Meals can add up when on vacation, but making your own sandwiches and things for picnics could save a ton. Our properties also have BBQ area complete with grills at some of the locations. Read More So, make some good BBQ while enjoying the surrounding area. Our Vacation Rental Homes also allow you outdoor space of your own. Enjoy things such as porches and lawns that you can enjoy with your family and friends. We even have some places that are pet-friendly. So, before you look for hotels for Zion National Park for your next vacation. But, why not explore the other options available, you might be surprised at how cost-effective it is. And, our accommodations are amazing. Enjoy the fresh air and quiet settings of the area, and not be cooped up in a hotel somewhere surrounded by lights and pavement. Vacation Rentals Vs Hotels for Zion National Park People seem to have this thought that hotels for Zion National Park are the way to go. However, Vacation rentals over just the past few years have popped up everywhere. We should know, we are the reason for some of them. Coming to Zion National park for some is a vacation of a lifetime. The sheer beauty of the park and the clean fresh air and all the beautiful Nature surround the park. Utah is actually a very beautiful state with rich red rocks and wildlife. Some of our properties are full of trees, grass, birds and butterflies. Is that not more appealing than that of Hotels for Zion National Park? We allow you to have the full total experience of the area and the friendly locals. The surrounding cities of the park are full of locals and their culture. So, get out and enjoy everything this amazing area has to offer. There are guided tours in the area or adventure on your own. There truly is something for everyone in Zion National Park area. We want you to enjoy your stay and take in all the beauty this place has to offer. Staying in a hotel will not allow you to have that full experience. You will have a much better stay and more room with one of our many options to choose from. All of our properties are painstakingly maintained. We want the best for our guests.

Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly Hotels in Zion National Park Looking for Pet Friendly Hotels in Zion National Park? Well, what if we were to tell you that you can get a cabin at the hotel rate for a Pet Friendly hotels in Zion National Park? We all have pets that we love and want to bring with us. And, thankfully, the Hotel industry is starting to understand this and make it easier to bring them along. Our pet friendly cabin is perfect for you and your pet. We have many cottage options available for non-pet owners as well. However, there are still a limited number of places you and your pet can visit. Pet-friendly hotels are a perfect way to bring your pet along and not pay pet sitting fees. You know your pet is apart of the family and we welcome them but please keep in mind these cabins are brand new and we want to keep them as nice as possible, so if Fido has anxiety issues in strange places, please pack accordingly. We are not looking for damaging pets, but we know most are not. Please be responsible. Neither of the National Parks here are Pet-friendly, as with all National Parks, so please keep that in mind as well. Read More Pets at Zion National Park As with all National Parks, they are not pet friendly. You may walk your pet on any road that a car can drive on but not in the hiking paths. Any picnic area is okay for your pet as well, however, again, not on the hiking trails. So, if you are planning on a long hike in the National Parks, a pet Friendly Hotel might be just for you. Pet Friendly Hotels in Zion National Park are available, but again, we highly recommend checking out our cabin for added space and peace of mind that your pet will remain safe inside the dwelling while you are gone. We offer AC in all of our homes and do not recommend you leaving your pet in car or automobile at any time in Utah as the sun is pretty intense here. Zion National Park Pet-Friendly Hotels Zion National Park pet-friendly hotels are perfect for those guests that prefer to travel with the 4 legged companions. We currently have one cabin at Zion National Park that is pet-friendly. Which is a 1000 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for your convenience. Zion National Park is just minutes away. Come check out Utah and all that it has to offer. We love our state and believe you will as well. We have clients from all over the world fly into Las Vegas Airport and drive over to stay with us. Come enjoy the natural beauty of this area. Granted, this is a bit of a different vacation than that of Las Vegas and for most, a much-needed rest from everything around them. You can see the stars here and smell the fresh mountain air. Enjoy a leisurely walk around town and chat it up with the locals. This area contains the amenities of a large city but the local feel of a small hometown. Come see our version of the Pet Friendly Hotels in Zion National Park.