Common Questions about Vacation Rental Homes

I know this is a large project, are you still under construction.

We are excited to tell you that the construction phase of our project is completed. We are now fully open and functioning. Our lawn has grown in beautifully. It is like a cool oasis. We now have 24 bunkhouses, built in pairs and 4 cottages with two bedrooms and two baths. The cottages are vacation rentals and the bunkhouses are along the motel model.

Can I see photos of the bunkhouses and cottages?

Yes, we have just updated our photos that show the inside and the outside.

What exactly are these bunkhouses?

These are basically two motel rooms housed in one building. There are 12 buildings with two units each for a total of 24 units. They differ from motels in that there is a king size bed and a set of bunkbeds. The king size bed is fully made, but the bunkbeds are unmade. Linens for the bunkbeds are packaged separately. We have done this to keep costs down. There will be many who have come to Zion with the idea of camping but find that there is no space in the campgrounds.  If you are driving to Zion and can fit your sleeping bag and pillow in your car, look no further, you can use yours if you prefer.  We are also looking for families with up to eight people who can rent two adjoining rooms and feel like they have their own space. On an even grander scale we are looking for folks looking to have a family reunion at an affordable rate. We had one here last Thanksgiving with almost one hundred people.

How are the bunkhouses furnished?

We have tried to strike a balance between form and function. There is a simple kitchenette with a full-size fridge, a microwave, rcrockpot, ice maker, blender,coffee pot and sink. There is a built-in eating bar as well as a table out on the porch to eat on.

The living area is made up of a king size bed with a great mattress, a set of twin size bunk beds, also with great mattresses made for adults. We have a flat screen Roku TV with lots of internet channels and some local channels. There is wireless high-speed internet, so bring your Netflix, Hulu and Amazon passwords so you can keep up with your favorite shows. There is also a comfortable full-size couch.

The bathroom has a full-size tub shower combo with your own 50-gallon water heater. There is a small closet if you need to store suitcases or hang up clothes.

There is a spacious vanity with sink, which is separate from the toilet area, which helps speed things up in the morning.

Each bunkhouse is furnished with an ultra-quiet, high efficiency mini split heat pump. This provides almost silent heat in the winter and cold air n the summer. All lighting uses high efficiency LED bulbs and all the units are powered by solar panels located on the roof.

The ceilings are 9’ high with a ceiling fan located in the living room.

What efforts are being made to conserve energy and water?

Zion’s Camp and Cottages was designed in such a way as to take advantage of the bountiful sunlight we have in our area. With 96 roof mounted solar panels we produce almost all of the energy that we need to operate. We have chosen super high efficient heating and air conditioning units for each room that operate at just above a whisper, while consuming very small amounts of electricity. Their high efficiency allows our solar panel array to be smaller than it might have been otherwise.

Zion’s Camp and Cottages is located in the desert where water is a scarce resource. Luckily we have secondary water available to us which we use for all of our landscaping without having to use culinary water.  We ask our guests to be conservative in their water usage.

What kind of things are there to see on the grounds?

The area is almost three acres and is dominated by a grove of huge Cottonwood trees. We have also planted many more trees. Some of the grounds are manicured type areas and others are mostly wild. We have humming bird feeders and a resident Hawk family in the back. There are cows and chickens next door that guest seem to enjoy.

There are barbecues, picnic tables and a fire pit. We recently installed a structure for hanging hammocks, so you can lay down to watch the stars. So bring your hammock with you. We have poles for a slackline, but that is strictly up to you and at your own risk.

Someday we hope to have a clubhouse for larger gatherings, receptions, workshops and reunions. Currently that area will be a large lawn area for badminton.

Can we park in front of our unit?

Buildings 1-6 have parking that is very nearby, but not in front of your units. Buildings 7-12 are located on the other side of the grove of trees and connected to the parking area by a concrete walkway. 

Is there a laundry facility available?

For the bunkhouses, no, there are currently no guest laundry facilities. If you are renting one of the two bedroom cottages, then the answer is yes, they are furnished with their own washer and dryer with no cost for use.

What about cooking using our own propane stove?

There are places that you can use outside to cook with that type of stove, but it is limited. There is a sink by the office to wash your pots and pans if the kitchen sink is inadequate. You cannot use your own stoves inside the bunkhouses.
We do have a number of propane barbecues that are very popular. They are available on a first, come first serve basis.

What about hammocks?

We have a real interesting structure out in the field area to stargaze. There is a large center pole with six radiating spots to hook up your hammock. The City has prohibited outdoor camping, so these cannot be used to sleep in, but just to relax in the day or star gazing in the evening.

Why should we book on your website?

There are a couple good reasons to book on our website. One is that you can easily see all of our properties (there are vacation rentals as well as the bunkhouses) and their availability at a glance. Secondly you will save money. If you book through other services, they will charge you many fees in addition to the normal price of our accommodations. We don’t receive any of those additional fees.

How far to Zion and to Bryce Canyon?

Many of our guests are here to visit both Zion and Bryce National Parks. It is about 20 minutes to Zion National Park from our place and about two hours to Bryce Canyon. There are also many other things within a couple hours such as Lake Powell, Lake Mead, Cedar Breaks, North Rim of the Grand Canyon and many more. La Verkin makes a great home base.

I have never heard of La Verkin- what is it like?

La Verkin is a small little town that was created after the Virgin River was diverted upstream and water brought here by canal. There are a couple of gas stations, a nice grocery store that has a great variety, two coffee shops that get rave reviews and a couple of new motels. There is one restaurant here which serves great food.

The town is mostly all along a small stretch of land between the Virgin River and the even smaller town of Toquerville. The population is around 5000. It is bordered by Hurricane across the Virgin River. St. George, a much larger town is about 30 minutes away as is Cedar City about 40 minutes to the North.

Can we have a family reunion here?

Yes you can and we have already had one here for 90  people and it was a great success. Because the rooms can be combined, it is great for families and extended families. For those who need more creature comforts, you can rent the cottages and the rest can use the bunkhouses. Since we have not built a clubhouse we do not have a large place for indoor gathering or a large kitchen area, so keep that in mind when you book. 

Is the tap water safe to drink?

La Verkin has very safe drinking water that tastes good as well. Some guests still prefer to drink bottled water, but there is no problem drinking water straight from the tap.
We do have irrigation water in use on the property, so don't fill up your bottles from any of the outside water spigots.